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Location: Linden, Johannesburg

Mobile: 071 762 8289

"I am beginning to suspect you’re both cat whisperers! We will definitely be bringing Félix back to you whenever we are away, because you offer much more than just a hotel.” Jeanette Mallett


“Thank you for your time, love and dedication with them - you guys are the best cattery I have ever come across!” Kirsti Stewart-Dolinschek

We offer both indoor and outdoor villas, with standard and deluxe options.

Standard Indoor Villas

These are brick villas under a floating roof with plenty of ventilation, potted plants, climbing frames and heaters.

They don't have gardens and are suited to mainly indoor cats.

Deluxe Indoor Villas

These can accommodate up to 5 cats from the same family.

There are no gardens, but plenty of space with shelves, climbing frames and other areas for a relaxing stay. Heaters, blankets and beds included.

Standard Outdoor Villas

Wooden villas on stilts, each with their own gardens. Heaters, beds and toys included.

Deluxe Outdoor Villas

Large villas on stilts with double doors and lofts, with huge gardens for larger families. Panel heaters, beds and blankets included.