George the blue point Persian

Our featured cat for this post is George, who is a blue point Persian. Blue describes a shade of gray or a dark slate colour. This explains how a Russian Blue or a British Blue (see our post on Sylvester) get their names, despite being entirely grey. There is no such thing as a grey […]

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Franzie the Himalayan

Franzie, a seal point Himalayan female, stayed with us for almost a month and we grew very fond of her. Typical of the breed, although many don’t consider Himalayan’s to be a separate breed (but rather a Persian), they are affectionate, calm and cuddly. They are beautiful cats, and Franzie had no problem posing for […]

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Sylvester – A British Blue

We are all very sad at the Cat Hotel, after Sylvester was collected for his trip to Portugal. He has been with us for almost two months, and we have grown very fond of his friendly and cuddly character. This is typical of the breed, which generally have a calm temperament. According to Wikipedia, the […]

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Cats safely rehomed to Australia

The Cat Hotel boarded 3 cats for 18 months prior to being relocated to Australia. They are now safely with their mom, who wrote the following article for the Lort Smith Adoption Centre’s newsletter (The Lort Report) in Melbourne, where she is a volunteer. I left behind a big piece of my heart in South […]

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