About The Cat Hotel - Our Story

The Cat Hotel, your cats furrever extended family

Welcome to The Cat Hotel, where we provide premium cat boarding services in Johannesburg. Our mission is to ensure your feline friends receive the highest level of care and comfort during their stay with us. Learn more about our story, facilities, and the dedicated team behind The Cat Hotel. Bring your cat to stay with us and your feline friend will quickly become one of ours too.

About The Cat Hotel

Why is The Cat Hotel so special?

At The Cat Hotel, your cat will have their own villa, whether they board in an indoor or outdoor unit, our tranquil environment with running water and birds will ensure your cat feels secure, happy and in complete control of their environment.

Our loving staff ensure that each guest gets one-on-one attention and exercise time outside of their villa along our cat walks (view the gallery) and central play area. Our villas are spacious, with patios, ledges galore and rooftop lounging areas.  View our guests lounging in these areas in our gallery.

About The Cat Hotel - Our Story

Recognising the need for a centrally located haven for owners to leave their cats when travelling, moving or renovating, The Cat Hotel in Linden Johannesburg with 12 unique cat boarding rooms was established in November 2009. The traditional concrete runs are replaced by spacious "villas" and lush gardens, with cat friendly shrubs and trees. Although growing demand has seen the facility grow, The Cat Hotel remains an owner-managed and family run haven, with our core focus on personalised care remaining the same. View our galleries showing playtime and cuddletime at the Cat Hotel.

About The Cat Hotel

One of our Deluxe Garden Rooms

The Cat Hotel Review

The Cat Hotel's Mission

At The Cat Hotel, we understand the bond that you have with your cat, and parting with them can be a stressful time. We strive to create an environment of comfort, care and trust, so we treat each guest as if they were one of our own.

Ultimately, a relaxed kitty returning home is testimony to our service and care. See what our customers have to say -  visit our reviews page or check out our Google Reviews.