Welcome to

 The Cat Hotel

The Cat Hotel and Cattery is the perfect home-away-from-home for your feline family.

Forget the stress of leaving your cat while you head out of town.

With cat-tailored accommodation and feline-friendly activities galore, you can rest assured your cat is cozy, comfy, and perfectly content in our care.

Private villas at The cat Hotel

Scratchers on every patio for lazy days

Panel heaters in all villas at The Cat Hotel

All villas are heated with panel heaters

Map to The Cat Hotel

Centrally located in Linden, Johannesburg

Tranquil shady garden at The Cat Hotel

Tranquil shady garden with running water

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The Cat Hotel
  • Viewings by Appointment
  • Between 9am and 11am weekdays
  • or 9am to 11am on Saturday (preferred)
  • Questions? Visit our FAQ Page

 or drop us an e-mail on hello@thecathotel.co.za or call 071 762 8289

 How to book  at The Cat Hotel


Register on our system

Registering at The Cat Hotel

This will create your online profile and streamline the booking process.


Complete Required Info

The Cat Hotel's Customer Dashboard

These details are required so that we can provide the best care for your cat/s. 


Request A Booking

The Cat Hotel's Customer Dashboard

Request a booking from your dashboard, which you will be taken to after registering or logging in. The required information must be completed before booking.


Upload Vaccination Cards

Upload Vaccination Cards

1. On your dashboard, click on Pet Details in the left menu.

2. Then click on the Add vaccination card upload box. 

Alternatively, you can Whats App a photo of the card or e-mail it to us.


Booking Approval

The Cat Hotels'Confirmation of Booking

You will receive an e-mail to either approve or decline your booking. The approval is provisional and will include our banking details. A 50% deposit will secure your booking.

Bookings will typically be declined due to lack of availability, incomplete vaccinations, health issues or high care requirements such as complicated medication.



Checking in to the Cat Hotel

Pack your cats favourite toy, enough food for their stay and an item of clothing or their favourite blanket to remind them of home. Remember to use a cat carrier. See you soon!

First time booking your cat into a cat hotel?

Don't worry, we have had many first-timers, read our blog post on our tips and tricks to ensure a comfortable first stay

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